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Victory Day Memorial

Headstone Renovation In Kent

At Set in Stone (Kent) Ltd, we realise how important it is to honour and preserve your loved ones' memories. That is why we provide full headstone refurbishment services to ensure that your family's treasured memorials stay attractive and well-maintained for many years to come. Our trained team is dedicated to provide the best possible service, with an emphasis on attention to detail and a respectful approach to dealing with headstones and memorials.

Grave Tending & Repairs


Memorial Ornaments

Headstone Cleaning And Restoration

Headstones can weather and wear over time, causing them to lose their lustre and brilliance. Our headstone rehabilitation services involve complete cleaning and restoration to help the memorial return to its original appearance. We employ delicate yet effective ways to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants, restoring the stone's natural beauty. We have the experience and expertise to restore your headstone, whether it's constructed of marble, granite, or another material.

An Old Gravestone That Has Aged Over Time

Repair And Repainting

In addition to cleaning and preservation, we provide repair and repainting services for headstones that require some extra attention. Our professional craftsmen can carefully repair cracks, chips, and other damage to the stone, keeping it structurally sound and free of further degradation. We may also give professional repainting services to freshen the wording and design on the headstone, ensuring that the inscription is clear and legible for many years to come.

Additional Inscriptions

If you want to add a new inscription or memorial message to an existing headstone, our specialists can assist. We provide extra inscription options to help you honour the memories of loved ones in a meaningful and enduring way. Whether you want to add a name, date, or personal message, we can collaborate with you to create a stunning and elegant addition to the existing memorial that blends in with the original design.

Gravestone With Additional Inscription

For Headstone Renovations In Kent Talk To Set In Stone (Kent) Ltd Today

If you need headstone renovation services, Set in Stone (Kent) Ltd is ready to assist. Our dedicated team is committed to caring for your family's monuments in a respectful and professional manner, with an emphasis on preserving their beauty and value. Whether you want cleaning, restoration, repair, repainting, or extra inscriptions, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Contact us today to discuss your headstone renovation project and learn more about the services we provide. Our team is ready to help you honour the memory of your loved ones with high-quality headstone renovation services.

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